Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education program teaches you the skills, science, and art of doing what you love. The first five years of a child’s development is a time of the most growth and change, and child care professionals are a key part of development for many kids. For students who love caring for and educating kids, or who want to pursue a career working with kids through their early years, the Early Childhood Education program gives students the education and training for this important and family-focused field. Under the guidance and supervision of professional child care staff, students learn safety, behavior and play activities, plus the science behind growth, development, relationships, and nutrition.

– Principles of Early Childhood Education
– Early Childhood Education Curriculum
– Early Childhood Education Guidance
– Early Childhood Capstone

CAREERS: Preschool Teacher, Childcare Center Director, Home-Based Service Provider, Family Support Specialist

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