Whitko staff

For the benefit of our staff, commonly used forms and links are listed below. Additional links for staff are available under the Whitko bookmark installed on your school device.

Employee benefits including payroll, insurance, and pension & retirement options are available on the Human Resources page.

Employee services regarding mental health and wellness are available on the Health & Wellness page.


Whitko Doculivery allows you to see:

  • Payroll Stubs
  • W-2 information (must opt in to participate in this benefit)

Doculivery Login

A Symbaloo is a really quick and easy way to store lots of links to resources and have a visual presence at the same time. Whitko uses these from time to time to make sure you can access lots of data that corresponds to a specific topic. Check out the ones below.

Teacher Symbaloo

Resources & Presentation Tools

If you’re looking for help with a technical issue, look no further! The Tech Department is here to help! Contact the Technology Department.