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The Technology Department works behind the scenes as well as one-on-one with students to keep all of Whitko’s systems and devices running smoothly, livestream events, and enhance campus safety and security.

Because it is a value for our students to use technology as a part of their academic experience, we offer 1:1 devices for all students at their age appropriate learning level. Students are encouraged to help one another trouble shoot technical issues and have the opportunity to join a student tech team at the elementary level, or may apply for an internship with the Technology Department while in high school.

Our team of professionals are always available to lend a hand and if your student has a question about their device, please be sure to check out our helpful information and forms, call our hotline, or contact us using the information below.


Open for all Whitko families, call anytime (260) 723-0536. PRESS 1 for tech questions, PRESS 2 to leave a message for a teacher.


Distance Learning is different than e-learning because it happens on the same day as the learning event. Our teachers are working behind the scenes to provide quality curriculum that bridges the gap for our students.

E-learning days are scheduled throughout the school year as well as used in the event that school needs to be canceled. At that time an unscheduled E-learning day will occur. Simply put, an e-learning day at Whitko means that students get to work from home. Whitko administrators will determine dates that best fit the school schedule and add them into the school calendar to help assist with snow days, cancelations, and teacher professional development. These e-learning days help keep our students on track to fulfill the annual attendance requirement. 

Scheduled E-Learning Day: Students will complete e-learning at home while teachers participate in professional development activities. Teachers should have students download any needed materials for e-learning before they leave school the day prior to the e-learning day to ensure students can complete their work with or without internet access. 

Unscheduled E-Learning Day: In the event that school needs to be canceled, an unscheduled e-learning day will occur. On unscheduled e-learning days, teachers must have all lessons uploaded to Google Classroom by 10:00 am. Teachers will be available for students who need assistance throughout the day via email, messaging, or phone calls. 

E-Learning Day Procedures: Teachers will upload an attendance Google Form to Google Classroom each e-learning day. In order to be marked as in attendance for that day, the student must complete the attendance form. Following each e-learning day, teachers will mark attendance in PowerSchool, reflecting the information collected on the attendance Google Form. Teachers should follow the IDOE Guidelines for the minimum student commitment for each e-learning day:

Pre-K:  30 minutes 
Grades 1-2:  45 minutes 
Grades 3-4:  60 minutes 
Grades 5-6:  90 minutes 
Grades 7-12:  30 minutes per teacher (3 hours max in a day)

The instructional design of e-learning content should follow the NIET Instructional Design for Virtual Learning

Why have E-Learning Days?
  • Technology is now part of our ever changing world, every student’s future will include digital exchange using 21st Century Skills: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. This is a chance for low stakes practice using those skills.
  • Face-to-face courses in college require work to be submitted electronically.
  • Employers feel that new hires/applicants do not have adequate computer skills. Most companies require online applications.
  • Whitko uses e-learning days to make up weather related cancellations. The winter months are critical learning time before high stakes exams in the spring.
How much work should students receive?
Students should receive no more than five hours of work for the day. This work may be paper/pencil, digital, or a combination of both. This work will be posted on Google Classroom by each teacher.  If you find your child working longer than this please stop them and inform their teacher so adjustments can be made if needed. Each elementary student should receive work for reading, language arts, and math. Each secondary student should receive work for each course in which they are enrolled.
Where does my student go to get assignments?
All assignments and instructions will be posted by your child’s teacher(s) in Google Classroom. Students with a school device have been instructed on how to create a bookmark for Google Classroom when they access the internet using Google Chrome. Google Classroom can also be accessed on a personal device by visiting Student iPads have a Google Classroom App. There may be some additional paperwork that is sent home with primary students in their folders as well. 
What if a student is unable to complete the assignment?
Regardless of the reason (forgot device, unclear instructions, dead link, etc.) the student should talk with the teacher the next day they return to school. Parents may call or email the teacher of this class seeking assistance. The teacher will determine remedy or seek further assistance from administration or technology if needed. If any student is frustrated by the difficulty or length of time of any assignment, they should address this with their teacher during the 5 day completion window.
Is the E-Learning Day mandatory?
Yes, attendance for the “make-up day” will be determined by completion of the assignments. Late or missing work will be be counted the same as any other school day. NOTE: This attendance is official and will be recorded in PowerSchool. Per state law, if Whitko Community Schools e-learning attendance isn’t better than the yearly average, ALL students will be required to attend a full school day at the end of the year to rectify.
How do students know what is expected?
Students will receive clear expectations and a means of communicating with their teacher electronically through Google Classroom, there assignments should be clear and something students have done previously during regular class time. If needed, students can find time to ask for assistance during any of the extended days. Teachers will also share their office hours that they are available to assist during the 5 day window of e-learning. The goal is for blended learning, where e-learning compliments the regular lessons.
Please be assured that we will learn and adapt as needed. Please help us improve by completing any surveys that are sent out concerning e-learning. Whitko will strive to be fair and consistent in our e-learning policies.

Google Classroom is a suite of online tools that allows teachers to post assignments, and students to submit and share work.

Students with a school device have been instructed on how to create a bookmark for Google Classroom when they access the internet using Google Chrome. Google Classroom can also be accessed on a personal device by visiting Student iPads have a Google Classroom App.

A Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom using Google Slides 

Google Classroom for Students video tutorial

We understand that internet access can be a challenge. A limited number of Wi-Fi hot spots are available from the school and are distributed on a first-come basis for use at home. As another option, our school Wi-Fi is always available. Even outside of the school it can be accessed for free! Simply park in front of any of our buildings and connect to the school Wi-Fi to access your account.

If you need to work offline because you don’t have Wi-Fi in your home, we understand! You are not alone, and many of our Whitko families are in similar situations. Our Technology department has provided this helpful document so your students can work on their distance learning offiline (without internet).



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