A Letter to All Whitko Families

Message from the Superintendent:

Greetings Wildcats. 

I’ve had some calls concerning apparent rumors going around about closing the junior senior high school and moving it to Larwill.

Any discussion about closing the Whitko Junior Senior High School in South Whitley and moving all students permanently to the Larwill Academy site are completely false. There is absolutely no truth to these rumors.

The high school will remain in South Whitley and is being developed as a top-level academic institution, in partnership with area colleges and universities. The Larwill facility will continue to offer advanced career and technical education to any student interested in this pathway. These are two separate courses of study available to Whitko students and will not be combined under one roof.

Improvements continue to be made to the high school in South Whitley including interior and technological renovations to benefit all Whitko students and the community.

Again, there is no truth to rumors about closing the high school in South Whitley.

Have a great fall break,

As always I’m proud to be your Superintendent and proud to be a Wildcat,

Tim Pivarnik