Student Spotlight
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April 2017 Students of the Month

Audrey Bradford – Whitko High School

She voluntarily helps others upon completing her responsibilities. She has steadily been successful in class and makes no excuses for her grades or behavior. Audrey was nominated by Teacher, Kenny Miller. 

Luis Anzaldo – Whitko Middle School

Luis is a great student and a great person. I am very impressed with his work ethic and the way he treats other students. He does assignments with excellence and goes the extra mile. He is all around just a great young man! Luis was nominated by teachers Andy Layman, Erik Hisner, Laura Thong‐Umphai, Antimony Fox and Sheila Gillett. 

Anna Sickafoose – South Whitley Elementary School

As an Ambassador, Anna has demonstrated responsibility, dedication, leadership, and initiative. Anna is also an exemplary student in the classroom. She completes all of her assignments on time, and also shows that her schoolwork is important to her by being on the A Honor Roll. I feel very fortunate to have Anna as a student in my classroom this year. Anna was nominated by Teacher, Peg Dyer. 

Austin Shivley – Pierceton Elementary School

Austin comes to school each day with a positive attitude. He gives his best effort on everything that is assigned to him. He brings energy to all of our conversations. He gets his work done while at the same time, he will make time for his peers. He cares and is always concerned for others in the classroom. Finally, if you are feeling a bit down, and you need a lift, just look at Austin... I guarantee he will give you a smile. Great student... better person.

As an Ambassador at PES, Austin comes to every meeting ready to learn and grow as a leader and mentor to the students at PES. Austin shows great leadership skills and is willing to help out wherever he can. Just recently he helped with Kindergarten Round Up at PES by staying with the pre kinder students by playing games with them in the gym and also helping with crafts in the kindergarten classrooms.

As a student he is always smiling and ready for the task at hand. It is because of all the stated reasons that we are nominating Austin as the May Student of the Month. Austin was nominated by Teachers, Bill Rhodes and Abby Spurlin.